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 "When I first came for counselling, I didn't think that I would ever come out of my depression. It was not an easy journey trying to find out who I was. Thankfully, the depressed me no longer exists and I have a greater understanding of myself. Counselling has definitely made me stronger and I recommend it to anyone."

Long-term therapy: Male 34.

"Counselling helps me to think about my options. Although it's difficult to make the right choice, here, I am able to talk about it without feeling judged or insignificant." Anon.

“When I am here I feel that anything is possible."

Long-term therapy: Female 32.

"I had some crippling anxieties about how I looked and what I believed people saw when they looked at me. Talking to a qualified therapist really helped me to look at myself more positively."

Short-term therapy: Female 24.

"In most of my relationships I seek to please others. It can get very tiring putting everyones needs before my own. Counselling has helped me to understand that I am allowed to put myself first without feeling guilty."

Long-term therapy: Female 29.

"It's about opening Pandora's Box. I tried so hard to keep myself from opening it, because I was afraid of what I'd find. In therapy, I felt safe opening the box and talking about its contents."

Short-term therapy: Female 38.

"Thank you for everything."

Long-term therapy: Female.

"I simply want to say thank you. I know that I have come out of this experience, more self-aware and stronger....I definitely feel as though I can tackle the next stage. Many thanks."

Medium-term therapy: Female 52.

"I am confident that I'm in a good place.

I can't thank you enough for the support, guidance, space and care that you offered me over the last year. I truly feel like a different person. I feel much stronger in myself and, though I won't say I'm 'fixed' I feel equipped in a way I haven't ever before, to think around problems I come across, and recognise patterns and address them with a bit if distance. I am so grateful to you for this!"

Long-term therapy: Female 32.

"Thank you very much for listening and prompting me to sort myself out. In the nicest possible way I hope I won't see you again!"

Short-term therapy: Male 57.

"I just wanted to say thank you so much for everything. I feel so much more confident than before and things are clearer in my head. Best wishes and thanks again."

Short-term therapy: Male 39.

"Talking to a therapist is so important. Saying things out aloud, rather than an internal constant churning, really helps to get rid of the clutter."

Medium-term therapy: Female 29